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The purpose of this policy is to describe and establish a basic and common vision within Powermec group concerning our environmental impact, including handling of these issues. Powermec ApS should constantly work to minimize our external environmental impact. Environmental work is controlled by legal requirements, as well as of what is technically possible and economically acceptable. We want to be a company that works for a better environment by constantly control what we are doing.

 We will:

– increase knowledge and awareness of environmental issues among all employees.

– influence, make demands and collaborate with other companies, suppliers, agencies and organizations

– see environmental improvements as investments

– prevent pollution of air, soil and water by taking into account the environmental impact of what we do

– constantly strive to improve the utilization of our resources within the company

Action plan

We have prepared an action plan based on our goal.

Waste management 

We try to reduce the amount of waste, recycle and re-use when it´s possible. All paper is recycled.


Increase the use of computers and appropriate software to reduce paper use to disseminate information to staff, customers and suppliers.

Eco-friendly purchase

Consider environmental aspects when purchasing products used in the business, everything from vehicles and fuels to copying paper and pens.

Environmental requirements for our products and services

The products and services we market must be made of recycled materials or materials that can be recycled, where possible. One of the company’s goal is to remove products which are not manufactured in an environmentally way or that contain hazardous substances.

Environmental requirements on our suppliers

One of the company’s environmental goal is to influence our main suppliers to always consider the environmental aspects of its production and business.

Use of the best possible fuel and reduced fuel consumption

Provide the best possible fuel and demands for a reduce of fuel consumption.

Environmental information to employees, customers and suppliers

All employees of the business must be aware of the company’s environmental goals. With our suppliers, we have an ongoing dialogue on environmental improvement measures.

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